Haicang three consecutive title of the province’s civilized city title

the development of a city is not only a strong economic strength, but also a series of other related industries, in the process of economic development has a great role. Yesterday morning, Haicang District, the creation of a civilized city (District) mobilization will convey the spirit of the city to implement the spirit of the work of the mobilization, and the current work of the region to create a mobilization of civilization. Municipal Committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party Working Committee, party secretary Lin Wensheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

in recent years, Haicang District adhere to the construction of spiritual civilization in an important position to put global planning and deployment, to create innovation and development into the center of civilization in three consecutive awarded the "provincial civilized city".

Lin Wensheng pointed out that the overall strength and competitiveness of the region to enhance the strategic level, a profound understanding of the significance of urban civilization, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency to create a sense of civilization. To create a civilization as the spiritual civilization construction of the development environment, further enhance the city, for the tangible things and actions, handle the overall and detail, mass and specialization, normalization and temporary relations, unite the whole social wisdom and strength, identify the direction and path, Zhuazao catch small, to carry out the work of creating.

Haicang awarded the title of "civilized city of the province" for three consecutive years, which is beneficial to the economic development of the city. At the same time, it can improve the competitive strength of the city to a certain extent. Lin Wensheng stressed that the whole region will continue to carry forward the disaster relief in the show a sense of ownership, selfless dedication and love love Xiang soil feelings, together, go all out, careful arrangements, meticulous organization, to ensure the successful provincial civilized city (District) through evaluation, to create work and make more contributions for the whole city civilization, for the BRIC meeting held to provide a strong guarantee in our city.

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