2015 Chi beauty contest held in Chengdu

female entrepreneurs on the stage of development has been a period of time, under the encouragement of excellent example, all walks of life have emerged a large number of female entrepreneurs. Their entrepreneurial projects may not be perfect, but has unlimited potential for development.

2015 wisdom women entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals in the afternoon of 20 Chengdu Museum opened Xu Liao source. The contestants came to elaborate their entrepreneurial projects, expert judges, the media jury, the jury scene scoring and voting, the final cloud quality education o2o, assuming the parent child reading club 10 projects such as talent shows itself successfully qualify for the finals.

"I agree with your idea, I also have a foundation in doing public projects, after we can leave a phone to communicate more exchanges." The scene in the game, the competition of female entrepreneurship professional judges, future director of Wu Jiajun Investment Limited company of players Ceng Jie focused on the deaf "dumplings" public welfare projects praised canada.

"with respect to the first stage, the quarter finals after these female players have made great progress, after a series of professional training, they are more confident and elegant. Players who want to qualify in the next will have a better performance, in their own way to go better." Professional accreditation, director Xu Zhen said in an interview with reporters, then we will qualify for the finals with a full range of guidance, help them to further improve the program, optimize the team construction and management, to achieve sustainable development.

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