Chinese ten deodorant brand rankings

now the weather is getting warm, and immediately to the summer, for people who love sweating it is very trouble, easy to perspire body odor, plagued by many consumers, the emergence of deodorant, let people have the smell of sweat on the body can well solve the body odor because of sweat produced, this is very popular with the majority of consumers respected the problem. China ten deodorant brand rankings have? Deodorant with which brand is good? The whole follow Xiaobian together to look at it.

Rexona Rexona

in 1908 Australia, comfortable body with comfortable body technology experts, the world’s leading safe and reliable quality assurance to win consumers, Unilever (China) Investment Limited company.

in 1959, dedicated to moisturizing lotion moisturizing lotion for R & D and production sales, reputable multinational companies, Amway (Chinese) daily necessities ltd..


began in 1911 in Germany, world-renowned skin care products and body care brand, emulsion / lotion / cream / skincare popular BDF Beiersdorf company’s products.


Fa flower

Dove Dove

1957 was founded in the United States, the world’s leading women’s brands, hair / skin care experts, the world’s leading clean brands, Unilever (China) Investment Co., ltd..


earlier domestic male cosmetics, skin care and hair care / perfume / across the field, designed for sand shield shaped element Chinese men care products customized, Shanghai Jahwa produced by Abt Associates Inc.

> Gialen

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