Elite returnees sell yellow cake family craft

is very popular on the Ba Zhen Yao a sell yellow cake shop, the owner surnamed Deng, this little business for many years, although that is the snack, but the business is good, earn more than city white-collar workers. Illiterate "Deng yellow cake" finally the son of Deng Deng read for master degree, is also very disappointing to go abroad to work. However, Deng Rujin gave up a well paid job to go back to his hometown to sell yellow cake, why is this?

site: Elite returnees bag yellow cake with an air of importance

came to see Yao Nanba, in a small shop called "Deng yellow cake", a young and thin guy is deftly dressing table yellow cake. The young man, is the legendary "returnees sell yellow cake" the protagonist Deng Qiming.

According to Deng Qiming

, father Deng Xijun is a handmade yellow cake craftsmen, doing this for a lifetime. Deng Qiming has also trained in childhood, "the hand of yellow cake craft.

"after reading home from school, the family are busy, I put down the bag began to help take a hand. After all, this is my home." Deng Qiming said.

: the workshop is the identity of Kochi returnees

I read a master’s degree in software engineering embedded, sounds very complicated, in fact, is the development of smart phone applications." Deng Qiming, 27, said shyly.

it is understood that, in 2004, Deng Qiming graduated from high school with excellent results admitted to the Jilin Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute, in 2008, and successfully admitted to the University of Electronic Science and technology master’s degree. After I graduated from the master’s degree in 2011, I went to HUAWEI to work as a manager of HUAWEI’s overseas technical department." Deng, because of work reasons, he was sent to London, and then sent to Indonesia Pontianak.

the company to give treatment is good, in addition to the annual salary of 200 thousand yuan, and do not have to worry about." Little Deng Tanchen, after going to Indonesia, he was very accustomed to life there, originally thought he would be abroad for more than 5 years.

misfortune: father suddenly died due to illness

if there is no after a bad news, Deng Qiming may also be struggling abroad for several years. One day in May 2012, however, he suddenly got a call from home".

this sudden blow, let Deng Qiming instantly back but God: father is only 55 years old, in the prime of life, how can suddenly not? Deng Qiming hurried back home after his father’s funeral and hurried back to India

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