To ensure the safety of Yanji on the tongue to increase the whole monitoring Condiments

in the life most of the time we are spending money to buy health food, especially in the fields of food seasoning, a lot of shoddy counterfeit products! In order to strengthen the supervision of Yanji City condiment market, the Yanji market and quality supervision and management departments in the days before the citywide condiment market special inspection of law enforcement, to ensure the safety of consumer condiment market during the spring festival. After examination and testing, not found substandard condiments.

it is understood that the special inspection will continue until January 26th. In the production process, focus on strengthening the supervision and management of condiment enterprises, and urge enterprises to strictly implement the quality safety responsibility, guide the organization in strict accordance with the standard production enterprises, strict raw materials into the plant, production process control and factory inspection, and deliberately adulterated, shoddy, shoddy, abuse of food additives enterprises according to law investigation. In the circulation, the farmers market, food wholesale market, small supermarket, snack miscellaneous stores, small and medium-sized restaurants and other places as the focus.

so that the majority of people to eat the health and safety of local government law enforcement departments must strengthen management can be the only way to further ensure food safety! City residents in urban and rural area, in conjunction with the Department of key areas, to logistics, warehouse, seasoning spices wholesale stores as the focus, strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts, focus on examination of the food business license is complete, whether the formal legal source condiment, purchase check and check whether the strict implementation of record system. The legitimate purchase channels, no formal purchase bills, no standard labels of condiments seized by law.

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