Entrepreneurial stories to get laid off workers to get the global micro entrepreneurship Award

laid off means that the life of the economic source is not guaranteed, laid-off workers of the road of entrepreneurship is more difficult, the story of entrepreneurship with the more entrepreneurs more. So today we will talk about a laid-off workers how her thin shoulders achievements of her global micro entrepreneurship award Road, how much bitterness how bumpy.

"global micro entrepreneurship award in recognition of the most outstanding China micro entrepreneurs, appreciation and recognition of their entrepreneurial skills and determination, and Zhang Rongfang is from a laid-off worker started, through hardships and do not understand, with a loan of 10 thousand yuan issued by the Municipal Employment Bureau, to develop into a small paved" Zhang glasses wholesale supermarket ", and become the two wine city general agent, hired 6 workers.

What is the secret of

entrepreneurship but everything is hard in the beginning: the sale of small but intense competition, operating profit and suffered a default…… Reporter: at the awards site, why are you so excited?

two ten yuan in business integrity. Reporter: what time decided to shop out of the


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