The whole of 15 categories of food it is easy to fail

each person to start the business for different reasons, the attitude of entrepreneurship will naturally be different, and because of the different attitude, determines their business will have a different development. With their own savings is not easy to open a restaurant business failure, why? Everyone is holding a good idea to go, but in the implementation of the process of premature death, the main reason for the failure of the restaurant business? Xiaobian for everyone to share food and beverage business easy to defeat the boss type, to see how many of you?

1, pass time

this kind of people are mainly wives and retirees, they have idle funds, there is plenty of time so I want to find something to do. The food is very easy to enter the industry, so they chose this industry, for example, in Shenzhen investment building lobby, a few years ago had opened a cafe to join, the investor is son, the operator is retired mother. As is joined, decoration, products, brands have a fixed pattern and advantages.

but a year later, she released the "transfer" of information, I communicate with her, he said: "the money is not lost, but the body tired out"! Because if she is not on the scene, the kitchen staff casually produced, the hall attendants flying single (that is, not to sell the product into the cash register, cash into the waiter pocket). When she found the problem, it is necessary to manage their own, no trust in others. She went to the restaurant from 7 a.m., 8 p.m. left, less than 3 months down!

2, start NiuDao

this kind of people are mostly graduates, unemployed personnel. They think the food is easy to do, find a good shop, please a good cook, do publicity on the line! I don’t know how to find a good berth! The good cook found it, and he was frightened by the pay and commission! Leaflets printed, the customer was thrown into the trash! I have a friend in Shanghai opened a home restaurant, the master is the home of the relatives, start business is hot, own spirit fenghua. But less than six months, the chef was next to the boss to double the food and beverage. Later to find the relatives of the home cook or local social chef, the chef did not have a good product, the restaurant around the guests used to eat the chef’s food, go all the way to the restaurant next to the! His restaurant was closed!


3, xiongtu Exhibition

most of these people have been operating food and beverage management, or in another field has been successful, want to change careers. They have a certain economic base and interpersonal relationships, generally in a cooperative way entrepreneurship. At the beginning of smug, but the business after a period of time, the big shareholders disagreement (whether dividend program, the direction of development, even before cooperation confirmation, later changed to


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