How about eight thousand guest restaurant

now the people of society are a lot of strength to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen these big cities drilling, of course, life is not easy, but a wide range of knowledge, and sometimes determine the horizons. This is why no matter how hard first-tier cities exist reasons to hold down. But Xiao Bian think two or three line city also has spring, for example, Wenzhou. Wenzhou’s development must be in the eyes of everyone. Of course, the development of food and beverage brands in Wenzhou is also very good, for example, eight thousand snack bar.

Eight thousand

off the city of Wenzhou fast food management Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a commitment to enterprise style fast-food chain management. Companies adhere to the "customer satisfaction, let the franchisee profit" purposes, special style fast-food chain as a long-term strategy for the development of enterprises.

eight thousand guest fast food shop?

exquisite piece of bread, dipped in sauce, the volume of hundreds of thousands of volumes of food delicious, fast food, more than 10 series of 1000 varieties, known as the "China hamburgers", eight thousand guest fast-food restaurants also known as the "magic Sherlock Holmes" old Beijing flavor nine rolls, a roll is a meal, roll fast food "as the spring breeze comes suddenly, together with the high streets and back lanes rolled up", set up shop on fire, more fire, has become the most popular leisure delicacy snack or most popular, the most simple. The city of to eat 9 volumes, featuring fast food Fu China!

eight – off fast food since the founding of the company, constantly sum up experience, improve the organizational structure and innovation, the company is growing in size and strength and has its own brand of fast food style.

after several years of continuous efforts, eight thousands of fast food has been with a number of large enterprises and institutions to order business. Since the middle of 2006, the company began to promote the franchise business, to improve the franchise management and development, so that the franchisee has been a huge income.

eight – off fast food chain, will not let you down, make you a profitable home! Eight thousand passengers catering company in line with "the good faith as the fundamental, but the development of" business principles, and to the consumer is responsible earnestly, has won a space for one person and the broad consumer trust in the fierce competition in the market.

eight thousand guests fast food not only bring new domestic delicious snacks, a new boom, eight thousand passenger fast-food chain, there is more to join the catering industry boom, eight thousand passenger fast-food chain, let you win over


eight thousands of fast food, let your business every day, keep fire, let your business every day fire constantly, every day to earn money! Eight thousands of fast food to join the chain, let you create a new high, a new high profit, win rich life!

read the above introduction, I do not know how you feel about eight thousand fast food restaurants, if

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