The car shook shake out the popular good business Business

to the shop to add a business tool, often can let the store’s business situation has changed, and then create a higher profit for the store return. I added a car to the shop after the car, the rapid operation of the shop hot up, so that the business is booming shop. So, really shake the car shake out good business.

summer weather is like the face of the child said to change, a few days ago, or scorching summer, did not last a few days, it began to rain, the temperature dropped, the store’s business will be light. Sunday, the husband holiday, accompany me in the store, nothing to do, we began to Taobao. Accidentally found the child playing coin car, a look at the price, thousands of dollars, too expensive, I can not give up a little.

husband said, do not want to invest in business, there must be too, so, I come to invest, not the store money. I know her husband’s temper, as long as he is looking for things that do not have room to consider, immediately he took the baby to pay the money."

noon today, the courier will be sent to the car, the husband just came home to eat, I called to tell the car has been sent to the courier. When her husband came to the store, first take the waybill number in the hand, first check the car and then sign. When the power is turned on, I took a coin into his car, a sudden burst of melodious songs from music heard next door shook his car, adults, children head out: "haha, shop added a new baby"?

saw the owner of the hotel next door came over: "our family is also ready to buy a car shake it". After a while, the boss came home. It wasn’t long before the boss was attracted by the beautiful children’s song: "we were ready to buy a car in front of the hotel". See this scene, I know why her husband immediately thought of action. Sometimes, an opportunity may be a lot of people think, but who is the first opportunity to act, God will care for him!

a little more than noon, the couple in the next restaurant to eat with the baby came to my door. Baby baby mother will directly hold on shook his car, did not shake the car business, I do not know how to open, no return to God, I saw the child’s mother out of pocket coins into skilled shook his car, suddenly shook his car began to sing: "in front of the bridge, swim a group of ducks, come quickly to count, really much duck……!"

baby happy to sit in the car, while holding the steering wheel with both hands, turn and turn, and just like a driver seriously driving his own small plane. Happy baby, parents naturally happy, father bought a pack of cigarettes, sat down in my prepared stool, he opened out a pack of cigarettes, a lit, the couple sitting quietly on the side, looking at the baby.

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