The university will be held to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at the Jilin University in Ja

for innovation and entrepreneurship, the country is a high degree of attention, not only the local government is strongly supported, but also in the country will continue to have a variety of meetings related to the work of guidance. Recently, sponsored by the national human resources and social security department and the Ministry of education, the SASAC of the State Council, Jilin University hosted the National University practical education and innovation will be held to promote the Dongrong Conference Center in Jilin University.

Zhang Wenbin, deputy director of the Ministry of Education Secretary

the ideological and political work, the Ministry of human resources and Employment Promotion Department deputy inspector Yin Jiankun, deputy director of SASAC Propaganda Bureau Han Tian, deputy director of the Education Department of Jilin Province, deputy secretary of the Jilin provincial college work Su Zhongmin, Jilin University Party committee secretary Yang Zhenbin, deputy secretary of the executive vice president Chen Gang, Feng Zhengyu attended the meeting. The Ministry of education, Ministry of human resources and the relevant departments of the SASAC offices responsible person, the National University practice education innovation base unit responsible person, the party education department in charge of provinces and autonomous regions, universities, industry and business representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Wenbin.

Yang Zhenbin speech at the meeting. On behalf of the Party committee and President of Jilin University, Li Yuanyuan, academician of the successful holding of the meeting expressed warm congratulations to the leaders of the participants, brothers college colleagues and guests to express my sincere welcome. Yang Zhenbin pointed out that in the new situation and new requirements, the Ministry of education, Ministry of human resources, the SASAC jointly sponsored by the national university education practice and innovation site will promote the deployment of promoting the practice of educating people and innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote between school and enterprises, school collaborative.

The practice of educational work and innovation system for the common goal of

formation, mechanism construction, resource sharing, win-win, training, both socialist-minded and professionally competent and comprehensive development Chinese have both ability and political integrity qualified builders and reliable successors have very important significance. Yang Zhenbin said, Jilin University will continue with the mission, weightier than Mount Tai seize the sense of urgency, sailing against the current sense of crisis, persevere to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education practice work, and strive to cultivate students’ sense of social responsibility, innovation spirit and practice ability.

Su Zhongmin speech at the meeting. He pointed out that Jilin province will promote the site will provide an opportunity to conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, to learn from the provinces and cities work experience, to further deepen the reform of talent cultivation mode, to further increase efforts to further strengthen the practice education, innovation and entrepreneurship education in Jilin Province, strive for a new round of development and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream to cultivate more talents.

Han day pointed out in his speech, to the site will be held as a new starting point to further promote the active participation of college practice education and innovation work of central enterprises, efforts to implement the strategy of innovation driven development and building an innovative country and make greater contribution.

Yin Jiankun said in his speech, recommend

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