Hefei city to create electricity supplier

electricity supplier development, related to the progress of a city, in Hefei, people can see a number of industrial parks, are based on electricity supplier services, give people a better development. Hefei will build a core, area, multi park space layout, through the online platform + line base construction, and strive to become the national e-commerce center city.

the national e-commerce model city, the national cross-border e-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone, national mobile e-commerce services financial technology innovation pilot city successy approved, Anhui (Shushan) cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park in the province to achieve cross-border e-commerce clearance operation…… Since 12th Five-Year, e-commerce has become a new driving force of economic growth in Hefei.

overall, although Hefei e-commerce started late, but the development of huge space. "Planning" proposed by the end of 2020, and strive to the city’s e-commerce transactions exceeded 1 trillion yuan, the retail sales of more than 30% annual growth in cross-border e-commerce transactions amounted to $5 billion, will be built in Hefei city with strong competitiveness and regional radiation national electronic commerce center city.

build a core, area, multi park layout

"one core" means to play industrial base, Shushan district and Hefei location (Shushan) international e-commerce industrial park facilities mature and comprehensive advantages, vigorously develop e-commerce integrated service facilities, service transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, focusing on the construction of commodity trading center, e-commerce industry e-commerce trading platform, e-commerce call center, supervision of cross-border e-commerce e-commerce center, cultivate leading enterprises, build the core area of development of electronic commerce industry.

electricity supplier in the development of planning, Hefei to create their own advantages, won numerous recognition. To actively build the Hefei lobster, Chaohu "three treasures" Changfeng strawberry grape Dawei and other characteristics of agricultural and sideline products as the representative of the ecological agricultural products standardization base construction of agricultural products e-commerce experience center of e-commerce of agricultural products, research and promotion center "three-in-one" eco agricultural products e-commerce demonstration base.

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