Pandas leave and go home home Shu Lan Lan

a lot of people know that giant pandas bring more joy to people, many times, with a lovely panda, so that the zoo has become better scenery. Giant pandas from Lanzhou Shu Lan would leave here lived in the homeland, March 16th, at the Lanzhou city zoo, the staff will be installed after the cage panda panda "Shu Lan" carried out.

on the same day, the social concern of the giant panda "Shu Lan" left Lanzhou zoo, went to Sichuan city of Chengdu Province on flight MU2413 to Chinese giant panda protection and research center to accept on behalf of conditioning, Lanzhou zoo veterinarian sent, accompanied by the breeder.

"Shu Lan" 23 year old, the human equivalent of 70 years old. In October 2016 and February this year, the Internet has appeared in "Shu Lan" suspected injury, koutubaimo photos, causing social concern.

cute pandas bring more joy to the people of Lanzhou, won recognition. China giant panda protection and research center sent 3 technical experts to come to Lanzhou, "Shu Lan" health and feeding and management conditions for comprehensive evaluation. At present, "Shu Lan" nutritional status of the medium, but the emergence of the old giant panda syndrome symptoms.

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