Bainafu crispy cake the whole to join anhydrous

said the cake shop brand which good? You might want to think about which brand of cake is delicious. If I were, I would feel that the crisp cake is a delicious food. Of course, this cake brand also has many well-known brands can be recommended, but today the bainafu crispy dry cake.

bainafu crispy dry cake headquarters for the grand launch of the national market, caused a great sensation, investors eager to join. Where the shop where the crackling of the fire water cake, golden color, crisp outside, soft surface, such as crisp crisp refreshing, soft inside egg sweet and pleasant, is a unique taste of fashion food, do not contain any pigment and additives, really healthy and no pollution. This project investment 10 thousand yuan or so, shop or mobile operators will do. The company adopted the combination of traditional and modern processing technology by Qing Dynasty, it is not only very productive (15 minutes finished); while the cake baked ten fragrance, the smell of incense, eating more fragrant, mouthwatering aroma flying into the homes of ordinary people in.

technology includes: popular cake, banana cake, anhydrous anhydrous anhydrous anhydrous cake, peanut seeds cake, sesame cake, strawberry cake, anhydrous anhydrous anhydrous cocoa cake, green tea cake, chocolate cake, anhydrous anhydrous anhydrous cake is a new, reliable risk free business opportunities


crispy cake to join

benefit analysis:

investment million, open a 10-20 square meters of anhydrous cake shop, because the taste delicious, often queuing to buy, so you do not worry about sales.

every 15 minutes baking furnace 8 pounds per kilogram, the cost of 3.2 yuan, the market now lined up selling price 9.9 yuan / kg per hour, a total of 32 pounds of baking furnace 4, total sales of 320 yuan, electricity of 4 degrees per hour, 1.1 yuan per kilowatt (commercial electricity), 32 yuan (electricity).2+4.4? The total cost of 106.8 yuan, net profit per hour, 320-106.8? Yuan, work 10 hours a day, net profit of 2000 yuan is not a dream.

you may have seen some anhydrous cake shop, often line up to buy, the boss earn a thousand dollars a day is very easy. Open an anhydrous cake shop, the technology is easy to learn, the best project investment risks.

shop range: farmers market, residential areas, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places around.

join way:

A, join fee: 5800 yuan

1, (including the image of the installation of 2 sets, store design VI CD-ROM, a set of store planning, licensing certificate, trademark certificate a set, >

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