Give full play to the advantages of Party building and consolidate the foundation

Party building is an effective carrier for the party to strengthen the leadership of the Communist Youth League and youth work

party building is an effective carrier for the party to strengthen the leadership of the Communist Youth League and youth work. In recent years, our city requires organizations at various levels with an optimization "in strict accordance with the" five party, firmly relying on the effective work platform, with the help of Party advantage, innovation carrier, to explore the work of thinking, strengthen the building of grassroots organizations in the new period, the city’s party building work has achieved good results.

first, with the party’s core strengths, and constantly enhance the cohesion of the league. 2009, after extensive research and solicit opinions from all parties on the basis of the combination of Xining and the work of the Communist Youth League cadres team, the municipal Party committee drafted and submitted to the municipal Party committee issued the "CPC Xining Municipal Committee on Further Strengthening the implementation of the views of the city’s Communist Youth League cadres" (Ning [2009]16), from the system to ensure that the work of report of the party organizations at all levels can often listen to group, attend group meetings and activities, help organizations at various levels to solve problems and work hard. The County Youth League actively report, strive for, and the Organization Department jointly formulated the party building work plan, issued a policy document to strengthen the construction of cadre team and implement the treatment of political and economic cadres, especially to the training and selection of cadres work, put forward clear requirements, efforts to build a good working pattern of caucus to build a mutual promotion in the city.

two is the use of the party’s resources, and constantly enhance the influence of the organization. organizations at various levels closely Party organizations to carry out the "grassroots organizations" activities, an important content will improve the organization as rural Party organizations are weak and lax rectification work, innovation of grassroots organizations set up, with a good League secretary. 2007, the city’s 32 new rural pilot villages in the village level organization of a unified pilot work, a strong impetus to the city’s rural grassroots democratic political construction. In the process of building a new pattern of community party building work, we should focus on solving the problem of low coverage rate of community organization. At present, the city’s 22 Street offices have all been set up a street mission, the 97 community neighborhood committees have set up a community branch. With the advantage of the party organization, we should make full use of the modern distance education terminal of the party members and cadres in rural areas to provide support for the activities of the League organizations, and meet the needs of youth members to learn new knowledge and skills. At the same time, volunteered to seek the party organization task, to members of burdens, especially in support of the Yushu earthquake and floods in Huangyuan work, give full play to the important role of Youth League members, to create the conditions for the youth to play a role, contribute to enhance organization’s influence.

three is the party’s organizational advantage, and constantly enhance the combat effectiveness of the organization. in recent years, organizations at various levels to strictly adhere to the cadres of the "four modernizations" policy and the principles of selecting group have both ability and political integrity, attention to cadres with the work, with the party organizations at all levels complete with strong group of leading cadres, selection of young cadres, cultivate good customs;

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