Huangzhong concluded the first case of no capacity for civil conduct

October 30th, the Huangzhong County People’s court heard the application of special procedures for the trial of the first case of the determination of a citizen’s civil capacity. The applicant is required to declare the applicant Yemou Lingmou as no capacity for civil conduct, the court of DOPA after forensic judgment according to the law, declared by the applicant Lingmou as person of no capacity for civil conduct. The case of a special procedure for the determination of a citizen’s capacity for civil conduct is the first case in the Huangzhong court. The applicant is the applicant Lingmou, Yemou wife. May 13, 2013, Ling illness to Qinghai People’s Hospital for treatment, in the same year in May 16th surgery, postoperative complications, coma about ten days. At the beginning of June, the respondent was awake but still in the hospital inpatient treatment, a year without any signs of recovery, cognitive intelligence, motor function completely lost, there are serious obstacles. Accordingly, Yemou Lingmou declared prosecution request for persons of no capacity for civil conduct to the court, and specify the Yemou Lingmou guardian. During the trial, the application by the applicant for applicant Yemou, Lingmou behavior ability of judicial identification. After identification, the applicant suffered from a series of ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy caused by brain organic mental disorders. To this end, the court in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, judgment of the respondent Lingmou as no capacity for civil conduct, designated as the guardian of yemou. It is reported that citizens, no civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil conduct, that is completely civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil conduct has reached the age of the standard, but the actual situation of civil capacity of mentally disabled, mentally normal people of non litigation procedure. By this procedure, the legal recognition and declare whether those suffering from mental illness or other diseases have lost all or part of civil capacity of the citizen has the capacity for civil conduct, and designated guardian, is not only conducive to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, but also conducive to the maintenance of the interested party, the other party in civil activities the legitimate rights and interests, has very important significance to ensure the safety of civil circulation and maintain normal social and economic order.  

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