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folk games, fire performance, Huimin performances, calligraphy and painting exhibition, book, spring ice temple, butter flower…… The Spring Festival, Lantern Festival mass cultural activities are arranged full to the brim, colorful cultural activities of the masses of all kinds of festive heart spun to the highest. From today to the sixteen, what are the best for you ready for Spring Festival Evening News Today readers list interesting tourist map.

wonderful activities today

* "spring · Ya Zhi" Spring Book

time: today to 13 (January 1), 11 to 16

location: kylin Bay Park

– the East District of outstanding performances of


time: today (January eleven) at 11

location: Taining square

– booming celebration of local emotion performance

fire yangko dance team

time: today to 13 (January 1), 12 to 14

location: central square under the big hat

– folk games

time: today 12 to 16

location: Central Plaza people stage

– "beauty of Qinghai · happy summer" China summer ninth large ice art garden and the second summer · Xining Spring Festival temple fair


Ice Art Exhibition

time: today to February 28th

location: People’s Park

2.2014 years · second summer; Xining Spring Festival temple fair

time: today to February 14th (January fifteen)

location: People’s Park

– "accent and song" opera, shadow, folk art, flowers special performances

time: today to 13 (January 1) at 13

location: Qilin Bay Park, Kunlun bridge under

* "cultural sharing · Festival fun" riddle guessing

time: today to 13 (January 1) at 11

location: kylin Bay Park Park wit

– "spring spring exhibition cum Xining Academy of the" twenty-eighth academy exhibition

time: today to 12 (January 1) at 10

location: West District Cultural Arts Center, building 5,

—- "the stars shine his new year" square Huimin performances

location: people stage

1 "nishang pinnacle" Folk Culture Association team clothing special

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