North issued a construction site security mandate

The temperature is cold, the city has entered the winter construction stage, according to the characteristics of the construction site, security and more recently, the North District Construction Bureau to prevent falling, collapse prevention, anti poisoning "as the focus, safety accidents inspection in the area 103 construction sites, and stressed that all units of construction workers must wear" safety helmet, safety belt and safety net "in the operation, to achieve the" auspicious Sambo "determined not to leave the body. Autumn cold temperatures, but dabuzi Seongbuk District low-income housing construction site is still in a North District Construction Bureau to be in full swing, the staff came to the site, security risks often meet carefully on the construction site fire fighting equipment, crane equipment, circuit protection and construction to the construction of the full range of dragnet inspection. According to the city of North Branch Pipe Construction Bureau responsible person, at present, the north area of the total construction project 64, 103 construction site Project Department, as of September 30th, the total construction site construction safety accidents since 2, resulting in 1 deaths, 1 people were injured. In order to prevent such things from happening again, the inspectors from November to begin construction site inspections for a period of 1 months, safe use asked all units to strengthen crane, tower crane device, and inspect the winter maintenance equipment, antifreeze, mechanical properties. And requires the construction unit to increase the frequency of severe weather monitoring of deep foundation pit, arrange for continuous inspections to prevent the occurrence of collapse accident. Climbing staff to wear non slip shoes, wear a helmet, fasten the seat belt, pull the safety net.  

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