Our province has more than a national top ten cultural relics protection project

In November 12th, reporters from the Ministry of culture and press and publication department learned that after five years of efforts of cultural workers, the largest and most complete preservation of the temple of Gelsall Pagoda Temple comprehensive renovation project completed, and was selected for the second national ten cultural relics protection project".

"of the temple witnessed the epic" Gesar "and Tibetan Buddhism in the whole process of the development of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, which itself is a microcosm of the history." Director of Nangqian County Cultural Tourism radio and Television Bureau Xu Qingfeng said. As the Tibetan temple called "as the monk lattice, is located in the territory of Yushu, the southern" Nangqian County, located more than 4500 meters above sea level. According to Xu Qingfeng introduction, the history of the temple can be traced back to the seventh Century ad, to the basic shape of the ad in Eleventh Century. The temple beside the cliff, where Gelsall and the big 30 pagoda. The pagoda by the stones, civil Leiqi, "group dedicated to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau high specification". In addition, the temple of GA ural Kang Fodian, is one of the most Chinese Kham region has a long history and famous Buddhist temple, Tibet Shannan Zao Yongbulakang palace.  

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