A city of Xining the real cure ills

Xining is facing the national exam time is getting closer, but there are still many issues need immediate rectification, therefore, Xining City, a lot of real.

March 25th, reporters from the Xining municipal Civilization Office learned that, according to a series of "stubborn" city public environment, Xining city will continue to improve the city environment, the high degree of concern "civilized traffic" and "CD", Xining city will continue to regulate the traffic order, to love life, civilized travel become conscious public action. Comprehensively carry out the civilized table action, from the party and government organs, corporate groups, all kinds of school canteens, hotels, restaurants, hotels and other industries grab, vigorously promote thrift. In the food industry, the organization to carry out food safety remediation action, focusing on solving the problems of manufacturing enterprises, packaging and marketing aspects of the existence of non integrity. In municipal administration, public security, transportation, banking, industry and commerce, taxation, hospitals and other industry organizations to carry out the window, window units style rectification action ", promote the window units to turn style, raise efficiency and excellent service. In public places, organized the "public order special rectification action, focusing on remediation square, parks, stations, shopping malls, theaters, stadiums and other public areas of commercial fraud, Jeeves, warn undocumented and drunken driving, parking chaos, chaos through behavior.

at the same time, to promote public civilization to guide the project, the implementation of etiquette civilization, environmental civilization, order civilization, service civilization, watch civilization and network civilization six guiding action. In the party and government organs to carry out a civilized institutions, people’s satisfaction with the civil service; in the window service industry to carry out the "courtesy, integrity service" activities; in all types of enterprises to carry out "moral commitment and responsibility to do product activities, establish a number of" civilized service demonstration window "and" star civilized service". Actively guide all types of private enterprises to participate in the creation of civilized unit activities, and constantly expand the work of the masses to create coverage. To promote the establishment of rural spiritual civilization, focusing on the implementation of the rural school children’s palace, the development of Western learning projects, green computer into the West and other grassroots spiritual civilization construction projects.

in addition, Xining will also strengthen the construction of voluntary service organizations, take measures to mobilize the general public to participate in a wide range of moral practice, voluntary service activities. Strengthen the construction of volunteer service positions, relying on property companies in the community, by the community party committees, neighborhood committees, property companies jointly set up volunteer service stations. In public places to set up a convenient volunteer service site. In order to carry out caring for others, caring society, caring for nature is the focus of the Three Caring volunteer service activities, make full use of voluntary service fund, organization of media, all sectors of society to carry out care for rural poor children, left-behind children, the disabled, Empty Nester, children of migrant workers and other activities, and actively raise funds to the community volunteer service. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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