Xining Municipal People’s Congress called for amendments to the city environmental regulations

distribute small ads and other promotional materials along the street, the impact on urban environmental health is more prominent, but the lack of specific management basis. Residential garbage disposal fees to maintain long-term unattended 6 yuan of money, because of low wages garbage member collective liaotiaozi. Residential areas can only be persuaded to build civil strife, but not law enforcement…… The regulations of Xining Municipality on the administration of city appearance and environmental sanitation for the past nine years (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") have not been able to meet the requirements of the fine management of the city. To this end, the Xining Municipal People’s Congress called for amendments to the Ordinance as soon as possible.

problem: illegal punishment too light


mobile stalls, Jeeves, spitting, urinating, littering and pets do not perform their supervisory responsibilities in violation of the provisions of the health management environment of the phenomenon has not been fundamentally governance." Relevant responsible person told the reporter, Urban Management Bureau, the "Regulations" has been implemented since January 1, 2005, has lasted for nearly nine years, although the standard health management of city appearance and environment of our city has played an important role in the practice of law enforcement, but through the years, they found that the "Regulations" there are still some problems in the process of law enforcement. For example, with the comprehensive economic and social development, the "Regulations" provisions on the part of dumping trash, sewage, manure and litter of animal carcasses and other waste, illegal punishment, chaos Zhang Luantie graffiti writing, is relatively light, can play a warning role; the "Regulations" provisions of individual inconvenience operation etc..

recommendation: Amendment Ordinance no delay

through in-depth research, the Municipal People’s Congress have suggested that as soon as possible to the "Regulations" relevant content revised and revised to solicit the general public and the recommendations of the masses, must be revised the "Regulations", practical work.

, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee Feng Yi suggested that the city management responsibility, should strengthen departmental interaction, using the popular propaganda popularization of the "Regulations" provisions. Feng Yi also suggested the establishment of a reasonable sanitation workers recruitment channels to alleviate the shortage of sanitation workers.

City People’s Congress Ju Wenbin suggested that the refinement of the "Regulations" liability provisions of the units and individuals, not as in the management of environmental sanitation in fulfilling responsibilities clear punishment; refined residential garbage disposal no management fees, and the "Regulations" propaganda into publicity work. (author: Sheng Nan)

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