Xining west district urban management to carry out special rectification

New Year’s Eve, in order to further strengthen the daily management of the city, to create a clean and beautiful city order, Chengxi District Urban Management Bureau to carry out a half a month of the "wrong time" special rectification action of city order since December 13th. Through nearly two special rectification has cleared more than 50 mobile vendors.

it is understood that the rectification mainly for Jeeves, placed outside the shop, arbitrary institution stalls, peddling and other illegal conduct to investigate flow, and intensify supervision of the bus station Pavilion, overpass, bazaars, commercial port, the gate of the Park Lane area. Relevant person in charge told reporters the West District Urban Management Bureau, if conducted in a fixed time, traders will drill time loopholes, according to merchants and small traders illegal operation characteristics, the dislocation will lag, the remediation time is disrupted, early, late timing regulation, make dealers feel not clear law enforcement action time in order to ensure the improvement of coverage in place. At the same time, Chengxi District Urban Management Bureau under the power of the large outdoor advertising, Weidang site advertising, signage and other facilities to store brand safety comprehensive investigation and supervision, outdoor advertising, door setting unit for maintenance and safety inspection of the facility. Up to now, the West District in the special action, a total of more than 40 kinds of illegal acts to clean up, and there are more than 50 security risks exist in the outdoor advertising facilities in a timely manner reinforcement and removal. (author: Tang Rong)

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