Promoting the development of Ethnic Areas

in Qinghai, do not seek national work, not to seek global. Deeply understand the important requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping and promoting the development of ethnic areas, must have a high level of consciousness, and initiatives; both reform and innovation consciousness, in accordance with the "131" General requirements, the courage to play, struggling to open up our province have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, "13th Five-Year," the development of the new world.

is an important task for Qinghai to speed up the development of ethnic minority areas. Build a well-off society in an all-round way, a nation can not be less. Since the reform and opening up, China’s economic and social development in ethnic minority areas has achieved remarkable success. "12th Five-Year" is the development of our province is very extraordinary five years, facing the macro environment perplexing and arduous and challenging reform and stability, under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee, the people of all ethnic groups to overcome difficulties, forge ahead, the economic and social development to a big step, Qinghai stood at a new historical starting point.

to promote the development of ethnic areas, it is necessary to maintain a high degree of awareness. We must accurately grasp the basic situation of Qinghai multi-ethnic, fully understand the multi nationality is a favorable factor for the development of Qinghai has always been the national unity as the best interests of the people of all nationalities, wisdom and strength to maximize cohesion; we must accurately grasp the characteristics of our national work order, deeply understand the extreme importance of the problem of national treatment in Qinghai, the right road firmly Chinese characteristics to solve the national problems; we must accurately grasp the development is the key for solving all problems in minority areas of scientific judgment, recognize the urgency of promoting the development of the minority areas, and give full play to the special advantage and potential in ethnic regions, and enhance self-development ability and the ability of sustainable development in minority areas.

to promote the development of ethnic areas, it is necessary to implement innovative initiatives. To continue to strengthen infrastructure construction, the implementation of major infrastructure and resources and energy projects, enhance the comprehensive ability to support the economic and social development; to cultivate the characteristics and advantages of the industry, the positive development of modern agriculture and animal husbandry and plateau ecological animal husbandry, and strive to create a boutique, produced brand, the formation of scale; the orderly development characteristics and advantages of resources, set up the correct outlook on resources and green development, sustained release of "resource bonus"; to let people share the fruits of reform and development of ethnic areas, adhere to the inclusive, basic, equalization, sustainable direction, increase public service small ethnic minorities, the poor and remote areas to support efforts to put more funds into public service areas. To achieve full coverage of basic public services.

to promote the development of ethnic areas, it is necessary to ensure long-term stability. To carry out activities to create national unity and progress, fully and correctly implement the party’s national policy, respect for national differences, inclusive cultural diversity, promote exchanges of various ethnic blend, guide the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups to further enhance the "three cannot do without", "five identity" consciousness, let each nation in the big family of the Chinese nation and the blind and mutual help, unity and harmony and common development; to maintain social stability in ethnic areas, always hold high the banner of law, the rule of law as the basic form of social governance, strengthen legal education, promote multi-level;

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