Qinghai take the nternet Express boost precision out of poverty

electricity supplier poverty alleviation is designed to create new economic growth points in poor areas, in order to help the characteristics of the characteristics of the region to play their own advantages, catch the Internet Express, to achieve accurate poverty." According to the provincial poverty alleviation bureau responsible person, in our province this year, the electronic commerce and the market system construction of special poverty alleviation programs into the "ten special industry poverty alleviation plan, is expected to 2019, the province in the poverty-stricken counties choose better basic conditions (city, area, appoint) built e-commerce service center, e-commerce integrated services point covering 30% of the participatory poverty village.

in accordance with the four years focused on tackling the problem, a year to consolidate and enhance the overall deployment of e-commerce and the construction of the market system of special poverty alleviation program in accordance with the four year period (2016 to 2019) arrangements. It is reported that by 2019, our province will be in Xining, Golmud and other places, Haidong new construction and renovation of large and medium-sized commodity trading market 3, in the six seat of the state capital of new or modified 6 commodity trading market, the main town in the province of new or modified farmers market, standardized markets or fresh supermarket 8, new or the transformation of community food stores 50. To 2020, basically completed covering all provinces and cities (state), county and township (town) the consumer goods market network, build e-commerce service points in 500 poor villages, training 1500 people, the use of e-commerce sales characteristics of agricultural and livestock products, the production and living conditions in poor areas and consumption environment can be improved, the level of poverty population the per capita income improve.

to ensure that the electricity supplier poverty alleviation smoothly, to further accelerate the construction of poor rural highway, broadband network infrastructure and rural three level logistics distribution system in our province, to encourage the express company West down to extend service network. To speed up the rural network shop and brand development, in accordance with the "one county, one industry", "one village one product" principle, vigorously developing industries, the establishment of the electricity supplier of agricultural products catalog poverty alleviation, cultivating brand characteristics. At the same time, vigorously cultivate the business enterprises in the province, smooth industrial countryside and agricultural town, two-way circulation channels, and actively promote the landing of Alibaba group, Jingdong group and other "rural electricity supplier" plan, promote our province to help the poor quality of large electricity supplier platform by the third party.


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