Xining north of the city all the trees for the Sen Sen Tim Green

north of the city of Xining Duocuobingju set off a nationwide voluntary tree planting and roadside, riverside, the edge of the field, the side of the mountain quadrilateral green tide, and the salt Xiaoyou Zhuang and Beishan Mountains area, 2 mu Zhuling green years of returning farmland to forest replanting planting, the city streets and parks, square planting green color into the scope of action of all range of planting green color to create national forest city force.

The use of the opportunity of planting area

, area organizations enterprises and institutions of cadres and workers, individual businesses and student volunteers and villagers in the village of nearly 5000 people, salt and a total of 3360 mu in Dongshan Zhuling acres, "four" green area green 2770 acres, and the area of the Village Road on both sides of planting and replanting planted by the spruce, juniper, clove, mainly green seedlings 200 thousand populushopeiensis. At the same time, the city will add 160 acres of green space, the area of the main sections put 200 thousand pots of flower, the attached green space new area units of more than 70 acres; Ning Road, Bridge Street, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road, Qilian Road, sea road, West Lake Road, Huanglu Xiushui as creating national forest city fine management demonstration street, Chaoyang Park Green Fine Management Demonstration Park meticulously, comprehensive replanting trees, green trees, lawns and missing trees were bare bald spots, green seedlings reached broad leaved trees and shrubs with complementary landscape effect, to create a national forest city, build livable district to add the new king. (author: Su Pingwu Hai Ying)

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