To carry out national day activities in our province

May 15th is the twenty-sixth national day operations, according to the State Council "on the twenty-sixth National Day activities of the notice" this year, the provincial federations in order to "care for orphans and disabled children, let love down to the earth" as the theme of "National Day" period to carry out a series of key activities.

during the event, the provincial Party committee and government leaders to the relevant institutions in Qinghai Province, Xining rehabilitation of the disabled employment center to visit condolences to the orphans and disabled children and disabled workers. The Justice Department, the provincial federations organization legal workers in the city of Xining, Haidong city children’s Welfare Institute in "law on the protection of minors" as the theme of the propaganda popularization of legal knowledge to carry out activities to popularize legal knowledge for disabled children, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of disabled children. The provincial Civil Affairs Department, CDPF province conducted a survey of disabled children adult basic living conditions, help to implement the urban and rural adult orphans and disabled children, health care, pension and other social security policy, the poor disabled living allowance and severe disabilities living care subsidies to help them to enjoy. Provincial CDPF to the province’s 46 counties (autonomous regions, municipalities, Municipal Committee) free of disability assistive devices 20000, the province’s 0-6 year old disabled children screening, evaluation and rehabilitation services. Provincial Department of finance, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Federation of disabled Province in 12th Five-Year, during the implementation of rehabilitation programs for children with disabilities to carry out inspection, visit.

at the same time, people’s daily, the Central People’s broadcasting station, Chinese international radio stations and 6 central media from May 10th to 13, I went to the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu Province, East Sea city to interview focused on the social security for the disabled in our province and the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and other powerful propaganda work, Qinghai Province cultural undertakings for disabled persons; 13 the press and publication department, Qinghai province CDPF Troupe "colorful dream" carried out in Xining city and East Sea city in the "2 orphans and disabled children attention, theatrical performances with a bright future" as the theme. The day before the evening, China Unicom mobile communication provider has released the disabled public service messages, broadcast and television report released the day public service advertising, to create a strong social atmosphere for helping the disabled. Disabled disabled person to work in the province of Qinghai Hui Hui volunteers workstation (asylum) to carry out volunteer service activities. The provincial welfare fund to grassroots federations, non-governmental organizations, the disabled disabled issued medical compressed atomizer 100 children, wheelchair 100 and several sets of clothing. In May 15 to 20, the provincial Party committee, the provincial federations will also organize young volunteers to carry out "sunshine disabled activities, services and other disabled orphans and disabled children.


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