To the city of happiness into the Xining people also a clear mother river


people are witnesses, the public is the municipal Party committee, the municipal government spirit, generous implementation of the water into the city, the witness of the project! In three years, the water into the city "project investment in fixed assets totaled 3 billion 300 million yuan, for 554 million yuan of special funds, financing 2 billion 600 million yuan, 970 million yuan investment, the investment projects supporting the project forward, go forward!

the water into the city "project brought changes make people by surprise: 614 outfall all" shut up ", the city’s sewage collection volume than in 2009 increased 100 thousand tons; the Huangshui River and a tributary of the river 500 meters on both sides of the range of 211 illegal mining sand washing field all shut down; the first Xining regeneration the water will be put into operation…… A series of initiatives to make the Huangshui River water quality control sections out of the five class, reaching the national control standards, watershed management work has achieved initial results. Let the sewage straight row of the river can not bear in the past, indiscriminate mining dug sand phenomenon has been fully curbed!

a surprise, a change in the show is the municipal government’s determination, long-term planning, to promote the water into the city "project determination, embodies every one involved in the Huangshui River Basin comprehensive management of worker effort, they settle down to work, and strive to make the people’s livelihood projects, good works to benefit the people and future generations as soon as possible. Landscape city people eagerly looking forward to the "mountains and rivers, the atmosphere" plateau, people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness is marching toward us!

water into the city

Xining because of her clever

water is the soul of a city, water shortage in Xining, Huangshui River nurtured generations of Xining people. However, for a time, garbage, pollution has become the impression of the river. 2011 public concern, a huge investment in the water into the city, the full implementation of the project, sand control, pollution control, planning, comprehensive management of the river and other work in full swing.

governance objectives: in five years, the six rivers bank to build a set of ecological protection, leisure greenbelt, tourist attractions, culture, natural ecological environment restoration functions of the green landscape ecological corridor, water to four water quality standard function, realize the Huangshui River (Xining section) "overall goal clear and smooth and the green bank and beautiful scene, a new pattern of ecological environment in the formation of hydrophilic, near the green, pleasant. Through the implementation of sand resources management projects, river comprehensive treatment project, water pollution prevention and control projects, the core of the development of the project, the first year of sand control pollution to lay the foundation for the implementation of the project three years to show the image of the long-term management of the entire five;

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