The world’s longest plateau high speed rail tunnel through

consists of China eighteen Railway Construction Bureau Group Construction of the high-speed railway tunnel in high altitude area the world’s longest Lanzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line Dabanshan tunnel through 13 days.

Dabanshan tunnel length of 15918 meters, is located in Qinghai Province, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and county territory of Menyuan Hui Autonomous Daban mountain area, the altitude of 3000 meters to 4200 meters, crossing the Dabanshan mountain peak, is the first passenger dedicated line of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Tunnel, the plateau is the world’s longest high-speed railway tunnel.

tunnel is located in high altitude, cold and oxygen, the minimum temperature of minus 34 degrees Celsius, natural conditions. Tunnel maximum depth of 1085 meters, with complex geology, stone crushing, mostly sandstone, carbonaceous slate, and a large gushing water, rock burst and gas, a high risk of railway tunnel, also the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway passenger line across the board to control the duration of the project.

more than 4 years in the construction process, the challenges facing the personnel of the natural environment and the difficulties in the construction, the tie and inclined heading method to increase the working face, the long tunnel bunt, while strengthening the geological radar forecast, the working surface of the video monitoring system, strengthen the geological measurement of surrounding rock, strict security card control step. Stable driving and finally overcome the key technical problems of highland plateau Alpine should force area specialty high-speed railway large tunnel construction.

Through the

tunnel, laid a solid foundation for the end of this year the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line of traffic operation, has accumulated valuable experience for the high speed railway in China and the world in high altitude area under complicated geological conditions in tunnel construction.

Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway passenger line design speed of 200 km or more, as an important part of the Eurasian Continental Bridge railway corridor, put into operation will effectively enhance China and Central Asia, Europe and other places of the railway transport capacity, to further improve the pattern of China’s opening to the west.

Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Passenger Dedicated Line after the opening and operation of Beijing to Urumqi, from the current 40 hours to 12 hours, can start at dawn and arrive at dusk.


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