Xining eight is strictly prohibited to ensure the integrity of the holiday

August 26th, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "Circular on strengthening" during the mid autumn day of self-discipline to work resolutely correct public dinners and other unwholesome tendencies, required to do during the mid autumn day, two "honesty and self-discipline, Hensha unwholesome tendencies, delicate gas is creating a festive atmosphere.

notice that the various departments at all levels in the implementation of the central and provincial Party committee and relevant requirements on austerity and leading cadres of the provisions of self-discipline, should consciously abide by the eight prohibited: do not buy gift or accepting Moon Cake Festival ceremony with public funds; forbidden to use public funds to travel, eating or entertain each other, otherwise, happen the costs borne by individuals, will be given to the party warning, administrative warning and punishment; prohibited accepting illegal gifts gift certificates, securities and payment vouchers, for various reasons failed to reject, should take the initiative to pay, not submitted on time or report, given the party warning, administrative warning and punishment prohibited all above; nominal spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses and kind; forbidden to subordinate organs, enterprises and institutions such as transfer, apportion, reimbursement of fees With the offender, ordered to lay off error correction, and give the main leaders and responsible party warning, administrative warning and punishment; prohibited access to private clubs or high consumption of recreational activities; non Gongjusiyong and leading cadres without driving the bus, the bus during the festival to seriously implement the archive suspended system, the offender, given the party warning, administrative warning and above dispose of; prohibited by the weddings and funerals, housewarming took office, the children of the machine studies dacaodaban, took the opportunity to extort money, causing adverse effects in violation of the provisions, ordered to return the receipt of the goods, depending on the circumstances given the party warning, administrative warning and punishment above.


notification requirements, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should take the establishment of reporting and telephone complaints, organize thorough investigation, carry out official expenses such as special inspection, strict supervision and accountability and discipline, in violation of the provisions of the central and provincial, municipal mental behavior, found together, check together, informed together, due to the implementation of strict management, loss fan stop, resulting in ineffective, the local units occurred in violation of the ban, adverse effects or serious consequences, in accordance with the provisions of the responsibility of honest government, serious accountability of the leadership responsibility. To strengthen the warning education, to be informed of the typical case exposure, strict system and strict discipline, and urge all levels of Party members and cadres to comply with the provisions of the work style to consolidate the results of change.


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