Xining City Bureau of transportation to carry out six to six games to create flyover boutique constr

to conscientiously implement the spirit of service management planning and construction of the municipal government with the fine, chuangxianzhengyou labor contest, fully mobilize the cadres and workers, technicians and managers enthusiasm, in the bridge construction project of the initiative and creativity, quicken the construction progress of the project, and strive to build a number of pedestrian bridges "quality engineering" and "model projects" and "clean project". Xining municipal transportation bureau Party committee, decided to carry out the six to six games activities in the flyover bridge construction projects to build flyover boutique construction projects.

2012 is the key year of the 12th Five-Year plan, but also to promote the city’s economic structure adjustment, the key to the transformation of growth mode. To conscientiously implement the basic guideline of relying on the working class wholeheartedly, give full play to the dominant role of the working class, in the engineering construction project in smooth bridge to carry out the "six six match" chuangxianzhengyou labor contest, unite and mobilize the builders together and meet challenges, innovation, attack the storm tough, to ensure the completion of the global pedestrian bridge construction project high efficiency, high quality, high standard, for the full implementation of the "12th Five-Year" plan, the construction of "livable industry, should travel, the pleasant life of the city and is full of vitality, embodies the strength, Zhang Xianmei force and affinity for the rich city of happiness" meritorious.

is the scientific management, project quality requirements match: participating in the construction of the construction units to establish and perfect project quality assurance system, strengthen the comprehensive quality management, strict implementation of the relevant rules of the state, to avoid the occurrence of quality accidents, ensure the quality of the contract project to meet the design requirements. to complete the task, the progress of the project: game called construction construction units according to the requirements of the contract period, in strict accordance with the contract schedule to ensure timely completion of the project annual plan and progress of speculation. is very careful in reckoning cost control: game, participating in the construction of the construction units in strict accordance with the investment project budget control, to economize, and ensure the smooth progress of the project. than people oriented, race science and technology innovation: requires the establishment of construction technology innovation system, research and application of new technologies, new processes, new materials. To carry out technical innovation, technical research, technical training and energy saving and emission reduction in construction site organization rationalization proposals and other activities, strive to improve the technical level of the project builders, and constantly improve the quality, speed up the progress of the project, the control of project investment. regulations, game production safety: requires participating in the construction of the construction units to establish and perfect the system of responsibility for production safety, strengthen safety management, improve the level of safety management and staff safety quality, establish a good safety production environment and order, reduce personal and equipment accident rate. than law-abiding, honest match: requires the construction unit to strengthen the construction engineering construction, to a clean contract with the owners, and seriously implement various measures to the construction of the project; the internal implementation of major things publicity system, abide by the contract;

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