Xining insurance to expand the intensity of nearly 100 thousand students to participate in medical i

in October 26th from the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, according to the municipal government in August 26th issued the "on notice" to participate in medical insurance for urban residents in the city’s primary and secondary infant spirit, I stepped up to the student insurance the expansion efforts, as of now the city has a total of nearly 100 thousand students participated in the urban residents health insurance.

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to carry out the work of the city’s urban residents medical insurance, medical security level increased year by year, the number of insured residents also increased rapidly, but my primary and middle school students and infant residents to participate in Medicare enrollment rate of less than 35%, the participation rate is low, the municipal government issued a document specifically, requiring all schools and kindergartens in non residents to participate in Medicare the children shall organize students to participate in commercial medical insurance, the city labor and social security department and the Municipal Finance and civil affairs and education departments to implement linkage mechanism, ensure that the students participating work smoothly. In September 20th, the city in the first time H1N1 influenza coverage, so that the parents understand the insurance payment procedures and medical insurance benefits, improve the urban residents especially the parents of students participating actively. According to statistics, the number of college students to participate in the city’s health insurance for 28315 people, the insured rate has reached 50%, the number of primary and secondary schools and infant insurance for the number of people, an increase over the same period last year, an increase of more than 70 thousand. Municipal Social Security Bureau official told reporters, from the current figures, the social security work of students still have potential to expand, they will continue to promote the work of students.


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