How to prevent entrepreneurial cheated

a lot of examples of entrepreneurial failure tells us that not every profitable project is suitable for investment. Choose the venture itself there is a risk, in the way of entrepreneurship will inevitably encounter some problems, we should first prevent cheating. Here are some examples of successful entrepreneurial summary:


switch, one of the common trick of business. A sale of a commodity, let you see is a quality sample; or let you see the real thing, until the goods arrive, only to find that hand is fake; or in your study to see the new machine, when you receive goods, that is being phased out by the old machine.

to prevent phishing scamsThe general method of

the market often happens, as supplier of you, have worked hard to bring the goods to the other designated locations, the other is "poor quality goods" and other reasons, to the exclusion of your goods or non payment. This is the need for the means of fraud. To deal with the fraud, in addition to set specific, fair trade contract and sealed their goods samples in advance, but also invited the legal counsel or court.


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