College entrance examination approaching expert weapon for candidates and parents decompression

look too high, excessive protection, deliberately avoided the topic of college entrance examination…… College entrance examination approaching, many parents and candidates like anxiety, how to relieve yourself? June 4th, the reporter specially invited psychological experts for candidates and parents decompression weapon.

performance: anxiety insomnia

weapon: do listeners do not guide

near the college entrance examination, the public Ms. Wang and the children began to insomnia. The child has been in the middle and upper grades, but the last two simulation test results more ups and downs, the child becomes very nervous, has been adjusted." To this end, she and the children are insomnia.

Tong Chengqian, director of the National Center for mental health education in Qinghai, said Ms. Wang can not use their anxiety to stimulate the child, otherwise it will cause the child’s dual anxiety. Ms. Wang should "catch" children’s anxiety, children don’t do "critics", gave the child the conclusion that "you are very nervous, don’t be a guide, tell the child you don’t be nervous," this kind of tension will increase the child’s expression. In this case, parents should be recognized at this time there is no sound, can be a child’s listener. In fact, this time most children do not need guidance from parents, they just need a vent mouth tucao". Through venting to release anxiety, parents can ask the child what kind of help, and be able to cooperate with. Parents can also provide the necessary support to encourage children to participate in some of the activities of interest, the use of transfer of attention to relieve stress, dilute anxiety. At the same time, how to enlighten children in the exam, regulating anxiety, the child’s parents Tong Chengqian think, first let the children realize that college entrance examination anxiety in each of the candidates, it is a normal psychological reaction, just in different degrees. If the candidate is not nervous, that is not normal". As parents to help children learn the correct understanding of the college entrance examination, emphasis on the process of desalination results, the anxiety control in the appropriate range, can play a normal enough. At the same time, should pay attention to respect the wishes and personal choice, children don’t worry about the New problems crop up unexpectedly. prematurely. As long as the children do, seriously, regardless of the outcome, can be admitted to.

: do you want to send test

paternity test

weapon: do not mention the exam

some parents bring up the college entrance examination out of their distress, the exam a few days in the end or not to send children? To fear the pressure of the child, the impact of children’s play; not afraid of the child’s mind has an idea, in case of an impact on the exam to play?"

parents face the tangle, Tong Chengqian believes that children attend the university entrance exam whether parents peikao escort, first look at the children’s independence. For the children with strong independence, the parents’ excessive care will add their discomfort;

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