After the expansion of convenient million mo old wooden bridge road will be honorable retirement

In October 18th, Datong Street renovation project officially started, during Datong Street, Mo Road, the old wooden bridge will be dismantled. Comply with the needs of urban development, the old wooden bridge after several expansion, after 70 years of wind and rain, will soon be glorious retirement, will be replaced by a man, the car can be a modern bridge.

from the wooden bridge to the old wooden bridge

there is a river, there will be a bridge. Xining city building in Nanchuan River on the old wooden bridge is the "birth". Today the old wooden bridge is a form of exquisite bridges, become a good place for public recreation. Mr. Yang Wensheng, a 71 year old local historian, said the bridge was a witness to the changes in Xining.

Xining is located in the intersection of "two Sanchuan water", the bridge plays an important role in traffic. According to research, before liberation in Xining via the Nanchuan River and Huangshui River respectively stands Huimin bridge, bridge, bridge, Chai Yudai bridge, especially in the west is the most magnificent bridge. In fact, not far away from the bridge, there was an unknown small wooden bridge. Mr. Yang said, when the wooden bridge is very simple, is the main urban and rural residents in Xining city out of the way.

1948 Summer and autumn, Nanchuan river floods, originally not how strong wooden overnight was rushed to Not the least trace was found. The new Chinese after the establishment of the relevant departments, has built a new bridge in the bridge on the site, because the new bridge outside the brush a layer of asphalt, the old Xining people put this bridge called "in the black bridge". The bridge is strong and durable until it is changed into the present.

the old wooden bridge formerly called Mo road bridge, which is called folk. Now, although the wooden bridge has been replaced by concrete bridge, but people still used to call it old wooden bridge.

old wooden bridge will be turned gorgeous

in accordance with the "Xining, South, north, north, West Expansion" development strategy, Xining City District decided to expand the Central Plaza north. Traffic congestion, parking difficulties, such as the flow of traffic is a prominent problem facing the central plaza. Extending to the north central square of the comprehensive development and utilization of the central square, the Yangtze River Road and on both sides of the underground space, the construction of underground tunnel and underground parking lot, while open Datong Street and Hing sea, Jiefang Road and the 54 road between the city road traffic, make the transition between City area and west area more convenient, three-dimensional traffic network construction West Gate area of up and down the slope, the ground floor, and relieve traffic pressure surrounding the West Street, 71 road. According to the central square of the North expansion project planning, Datong Street will become "song", "straight" Mo Jia Lu old wooden bridge will be "people" to "people and vehicles are feasible". October 17th, Datong Street West and Mo Jia Lu began the old wooden bridge closed construction for one year.

Chengzhong District, responsible person, in October 18th, Datong Street renovation project officially started, during Datong Street, Mo Road, the old wooden bridge will be dismantled. Currently, the relevant departments are in accordance with the central canton;

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