Community correction personnel re crime risk assessment pilot project started

April 7th, the central government in 2015 to support social organizations to participate in social service projects – Community Corrections personnel re crime risk assessment pilot projects in the province officially launched. The project aims to be non imprisonment punishment and quasi parole offenders and included in the measurement, analysis and judgment of the community correction inmates community risk indicators, classification management and stages of their education, to promote the work of community correction standardized and scientific, and ultimately to prevent and reduce crimes again, promote social harmony.

community correction is an important legal system, which is an important embodiment of the criminal policy of temper justice with mercy in the execution of punishment. 2009, the province to carry out community correction pilot work in the province in 2010 full trial. Last year, I started a community inmates crime risk assessment pilot work by the Provincial Department of community corrections Management Bureau and the provincial research center to carry out psychological counseling, and included in the 2015 central government financial support for social organizations to participate in community service projects. The project fills in the blank of the risk assessment of the crime of community correction personnel in our province, so that the judicial openness, the social organization participation, the specialty is strong, the data establishment science. In the process of project implementation, the project will carry out investigation, publicity, information collection work; strengthen the psychological archives management, the implementation of one case filing mechanism; carry out the project beneficiaries crime risk assessment of psychological evaluation, analysis, grasp the psychological health status of community correction; the exchange of professional and judicial institutions at any time take the initiative to accept the supervision of the relevant experts.


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