A variety of interactive experience to travel to live up

Although the city has been to the South City for second days, but there are still a large number of people flocked to the exhibition site. Through a variety of interactive experience, they will experience the fun of the city. Reporters saw in the exhibition hall, in addition to the field of image display in various fields, the most attractive is the interactive experience of the exhibition. In particular, is located in the A Museum of cultural tourism exhibition, all kinds of high-tech interactive, featured exhibits, nine D movies, large repertoire and other places, surrounded by the people came to visit.

in addition to interactive programs, in the cultural tourism area there are a lot of smart project experience. Such as intelligent perception of tourism experience in the region, the public can through the Internet, 4G and triple play smart technology, experience the full range of travel services; 7 LED screen exhibition, three consecutive county play four district publicity film, micro film, continuous development and change of the public display and image of the city of Xining in recent years, the tourism industry; exhibition hall to carry out "your favorite tourist commodities" voting activities, is also the active participation of the citizens.  

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