Luo Huining presided over and delivered an important speech for the work of the deployment of the pr

4 27 am, the province’s County Economic Forum held in Xining. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining presided over and made an important speech, the Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong on behalf of the provincial government to work.

meeting fully affirmed the achievements made in the development of county economy in recent years, deeply analyzed the situation and tasks, and put forward some policy measures to speed up the development of county economy. The meeting pointed out that in 12th Five-Year, the province’s economic strength of the county was significantly enhanced, the county gradually emerged, the development momentum continued to improve. 2015, the participants of the 15 counties to achieve GDP of $83 billion 828 million, is 1.9 times in 2010. At the same time, we must realize clearly that compared with the construction of "three zones" and the requirement of building a well-off society in an all-round way, there are still some outstanding problems in the development of county economy in our province. The meeting pointed out that the urban and rural county as a synthesis of compatible, is middle power of the urban system, plays a very important role on the process of building a moderately prosperous society, to further unify their thinking to the decision-making and deployment of the general requirements of the provincial government to fully recognize the importance and necessity of speeding up the development of county economy, to further accelerate the development of.

meeting pointed out that the development of the county economy, to deal with the relationship between ecological and economic development, the relationship between the government and the market, the relationship between the upper and lower linkage, the relationship between government support and the enthusiasm of the masses. To cultivate and strengthen the characteristics of dominant industries. In the industry "characteristics", deepen the understanding of the county, pay attention to market research, comparative advantages, accelerate the development of market players. In the policy measures precision work, according to local conditions, classification guidance, especially in the land, taxation, finance and other policies, increase support, strengthen precision support. In the growth of non-public economy, and vigorously support the development of SMEs, to support the development of the enclave economy, a new model to accelerate the construction of key counties non-public economic service platform, the formation of new growth points. To speed up the county’s new urbanization. Strengthen top-level planning, maintenance planning seriousness, and encourage qualified county planning and construction management of the city standard, combined with ecological construction, poverty alleviation and relocation policy, promoting rural urbanization, the construction of characteristic town. To strengthen the construction of the city’s comprehensive carrying capacity, accelerate the pace of urbanization, promote the reform and innovation of new institutional mechanisms of urbanization, strengthen infrastructure construction, improve public service facilities, enhance urban functions. We must firmly grasp the "people" the core of urbanization, accelerate the reform of household registration system, to solve the city farmers treatment, promoting agricultural transfer of population into urban household population and real people, realize the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Efforts should be made to promote reform and innovation in key areas. To carry out the EPSC, efforts to increase decentralization, enhance the ability of independent development of county economy, improve the grass-roots government management and public service level. To continue to deepen fiscal and financial reforms to promote fiscal expenditure management and capital investment reform, to co-ordinate the use of fiscal funds, improve the county financial organization system, and guide financial institutions to implement investment loan linkage pilot, to solve the financing bottleneck. Constitutive;

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