The resource tax reform from the ad valorem tax declaration in the first day of our province issued

8 1, the national comprehensive reform of the resource tax from ad valorem tax returns in the first day, Golmud province through three tax system resources tax collection module out comprehensive resource tax reform after the first stamps. As a comprehensive resource tax reform after the first in the country to pay resource tax ad valorem way taxpayers — Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd through the online reporting, to pay 24 million 288 thousand yuan than the resource tax, resource tax ad valorem reform pay less taxes 5 million 404 thousand yuan, the tax burden rate fell 1.78%, marking the province’s resources tax reform policy a smooth landing.

reporter learned from the provincial government information office, according to the central unified deployment, Qinghai province since July 1st to implement a comprehensive resource tax reform. This is the second in May 1st, camp changed to increase after the pilot fully open, the introduction of another major tax reform. The original resource tax rate table on the list does not enumerate manganese ore, boric acid, quartzite, geothermal, mineral water and other 23 kinds of mineral resources into the ad valorem reform range. In crude oil, natural gas, coal and other resource tax from the basic value based on our comprehensive resource endowment, economic development level, different factors such as the capacity of enterprises, which has identified 11 kinds of names of mineral products and the 23 kinds of names of items tax rate, the full implementation of ad valorem, and all resource items of mineral resources compensation fees down to zero, the cessation of the price adjustment fund.

according to the provincial tax bureau, responsible person, the province’s 45 companies on the first day of reporting to pay the resource tax of $31 million 86 thousand, less than the reform of the tax burden reduced by 1.38%. According to preliminary estimates, compared with the burden of taxes and fees of mineral products in 2015, after the reform of the province is expected to reduce the burden of about 600 million yuan.

According to reports, the Inland Revenue Department in the reform of the

to listen to opinions and suggestions, careful and accurate measurement of tax rates, to ensure that the burden of corporate taxes and fees does not appear large fluctuations. At the same time, the strict implementation of the central unified regulations, implement the cancellation or cessation of fees fund policy, full stop impose price regulation fund, cancel the original ore products compensation, do cleaning charge fund work and resource tax reform implemented, to further rationalize the relationship between taxes and fees to avoid tax levied duplication.

in order to prepare resources after the reform of tax collection and management, the Provincial Bureau of the relevant departments jointly formulated the "implementation of Qinghai Province, the resource tax reform program", the "golden three" upgrade system, carefully adjust the test administration information system, provide information support for resource tax reform. In addition, the tax department has also strengthened the resources of enterprises "a household type" management service, realistically sources of dynamic management, to help taxpayers to properly use the new tax returns, to ensure the realization of tax revenue in tax accounting, the collection and management measures implemented.

it is understood that the first months after the end of the period, the Qinghai government rent sector by closely tracking the progress of the reform, to carry out the reform effect analysis, grasp the enterprise tax burden changes, evaluate the effect of the reform, to further refine the administration measures.


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