Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau invited the public to measure water quality

As the most indispensable resource in our daily life, the quality of drinking water is more and more concerned by the public.

May 31st, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau invited representatives of the people selected seven entries from hundreds of phone enthusiastic people, went to Datong, the water supply for the city’s two underground water sources, fourth water, sixth water plant in Xining City, a surface water treatment plant – Seventh Waterworks in Xining, and the black spring the reservoir, including three to the Heiquan reservoir water tributaries — Chahansala River, river and treasure Temple Village Branch, a total of seven sampling points were taken to the water, not only let people see in our daily life is how to deal with drinking water and transported to thousands of households, but also to environmental protection Personnel Bureau of monitoring is how to protect the health of our drinking water.

along the way, enthusiastic people look at the EPA staff to take water samples, talking about. Wan Xiumin said: "I think the public drinking tap water always smell, but in recent years, the government has increased supervision of water resources, environmental protection departments, health departments to strengthen the monitoring of water quality, water is much better now, drink water as if there is a trace of sweetness." Xu Shuangbao said: Qinghai as the source of Sanjiang, was originally a source of water, of course, the water quality is better, but the EPA monitoring makes her more assured that the use of tap water." Public Zhou Xiuyun said: "I only know before you can use the open water tap water, but never thought of where the water comes from, have been dealt with the Environmental Protection Bureau of all along the way, only to see the water is how to deal with the water, the water quality of drinking water in Xining also learned how, really let me eye-opening."

The staff of

Environmental Protection Bureau Qi Xiaoqing told reporters that they monitored every month for a time, and will select different water points for water sampling, after sampling of water pH value, total hardness, sulfate and so on more than 20 monitoring items for inspection, monitoring results show that the indicators of drinking water in Xining the standard, the water quality is good. There is such a good water quality is inseparable from the good water, the water supply to Xining, a total of six water sources, of which five are underground water, with water stability, no pollution advantages. According to the monitoring data over the years, the quality of drinking water in Xining has been the first class in the country. (author: Liu Jie)


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