Xining ten high school in junior high school to become fully incorporated into the twenty eight tent

in order to further optimize the layout of the school structure, the rational allocation of educational resources, improve the investment efficiency and the quality of education, high school running scale, establish Xining city high school curriculum reform, approved by the Xining municipal government and the Department of education, Xining twenty-eighth middle school and tenth senior high school in January 16th, the realization of the "two in one".

according to the layout adjustment plan, Xining will cancel the original ten high school, senior high, a total of 4 classes of 127 students diverted to Xining in twenty-eight, do 6 of the junior high school track, totally 18 classes of junior middle school. Xining twenty-eight primary school enrollment to gradually stop (has stopped recruiting for two years, at present only the third grade to the sixth grade, three and a half years after the end of primary school, junior high school system) into 8 tracks, 8 high school track, high school 48 classes, and received two classes in Xining ten high school.

at present, the twenty-eighth Middle School of Xining city and Xining City tenth middle school is twelve year school and middle school, high school enrollment is less than 2-6 rail (i.e. parallel class), the development of education is not fully adapted to the high school stage must scale school requirements. At the same time, to rationalize the system, improve the management level, the high school education resources are relatively centralized education, education can make effective use of the resources reasonably, improve management efficiency, further optimize the school system. Therefore, Xining City Board of Education decided to adjust the mechanism of two universities.

The transfer into the establishment of senior high school students and teachers to adjust the principle of layout adjustment in

. High school teachers, students are transferred with the class; after the transfer of personnel in accordance with the transfer of school personnel management approach; layout adjustment in the two schools do not adjust the principle of assets.

to make this work can be implemented smoothly, the Xining City Department of education began to carry out propaganda and mobilization from December 15th last year, in order to get the students and their parents and teachers on the job support and understanding, has held three seminars. January 16th early in the morning, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education has come to the tenth secondary schools in Xining and Xining City, the twenty-eighth middle school, read the Xining municipal government on the restructuring of school decisions. The same day, Xining 10 secondary school teachers with the class to go to the 28 in the report of the teacher in the middle of the 9.

it is understood that the two institutions before the adjustment, the 4 class of Xining twenty-ninth high school, hundreds of students and 28 teachers in September last year has been incorporated into the twenty-eighth Middle School of Xining City, at present, Xining City twenty-eighth middle school high school department is actually "three school", primary school, junior high school and senior high school students and the number of teachers in more than 3200 people.


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