Xining’s major public places will continue to achieve free WiFi service

The density of the shade of trees, gurgling flow of spring, the early fall of the Kirin Bay naturally became the most convenient and most comfortable place to relax. At the end of the small holiday period, a lot of people were surprised to find: into the Kirin bay can enjoy free WiFi service. Although Telecom departments have not had time to set up signs, but the good news has spread like wildfire. This is my city’s first public leisure places free WiFi service, is a Huimin Engineering joint construction of government and enterprises, is the Xining municipal government and the Qinghai company of China Telecom, a common good for all the people to send the.

kylin Bay as a city center waterfront landscape ecological public green space, became the first public places in the city free WiFi service project. After multi-party coordination, in August 1, 2015, with a total investment of more than 60 yuan of the Kirin Bay Public WiFi free internet project officially started. In order to ensure the stability of Internet users, the engineering equipment are the most advanced in the industry convergence and AP switching equipment, completed a total of 45 sets of AP (wireless access point), 26 switches, 2 aggregation switch installation, the cumulative laying fiber optic cable 1.5 kilometers. After 1 months of continuous operation, in September 1st, all the engineering equipment debugging optimization and the official opening of the use of wireless access to achieve seamless coverage of the park.

it is understood that in the future I will be in the city square, park and other large public places free WiFi service coverage.


kylin bay free WiFi service Internet process:

1 in the settings and click on the "wireless network";

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