There is a problem sit down and talk in Xining city traffic police brigade police open day sideligh

  "taxi stops in urban areas." South Gate Street speed too fast."…… In Xining city traffic police brigade in the conference room, from the area of the various units of the driver have to say their opinions to the traffic police. This is the recently Xining city traffic police detachment of the brigade held a public open day on the scene.

have a problem, sit down and talk. The city district held the police open day activities, invited area rental car, bus company, the administrative institutions of the driver, to exchange views on the problems encountered in the car.

, a taxi driver said: "the Nanchuan road set up testing speeding, every time we are careful, but still be speeding detection." Another bus company staff said: we have a lot of buses here have been detected speeding, buses are gas, how can the speed so fast?" For doubt, Chengzhong District Traffic Police Brigade captain Chen said: "not long ago, I heard the driver drove down to reflect, Nanchuan Road, 60 kilometers per hour on the every car roared past. Our testing equipment, every year to get the relevant unit calibration, qualified to ‘post’." What to say, everyone laughed. Public open day of the taxi driver stops, is not convenient to answer this question.

"today is not white, the problem is solved." A driver said before leaving. City Traffic Police Brigade staff said: face to face and the driver to talk to understand the minds of their minds, in order to solve the problems in the traffic."


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