West District of Xining city as the primary health care institutions

in order to enhance the ability and level of service of the masses of basic medical and health institutions this year, West District will carry out the construction of grassroots medical and health institutions activities, basic medical and health institutions for "strong bones", this reporter learned from the West District of Xining city.

During the period of the construction of

basic medical and health institutions, the integrated management of community health services will be implemented in the west of the city. West District Community Health Service Center will strengthen the community health service station business management and guidance, the guidance of community health service institutions do 14 types of basic public health services and major public health service, and standardize the community health service station of urban and rural residents health records filing work, supervise the non government run medical institutions to perform the basic drug system.

will be carried out at the same time, factories and enterprises Clinic standard management in basic medical and health institutions in the supervision of strict access system of medical institutions, law enforcement, legal person bad points system interviews and other systems, standardize the grass-roots medical service.

in addition, will strengthen the medical ethics education of basic medical service station, will strengthen the pharmacy management of medical institutions, focusing on the management of antimicrobial drugs, will carry out medical services, convenience Huimin service activities of high quality nursing service demonstration activities. (author: Wu Yachun Xi Tao)

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