Wang Jianjun meets with foreign guests

The afternoon of June 10th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo met with foreign guests in 2014 Green Fair, the two sides had friendly talks.

meeting, Wang Jianjun on behalf of Edirne from Turkey city to attend the Green Fair welcome. He said that the Green Fair is an event was held for 15 years, is based on the province actual, to an important platform for China and the world, international friends can hope to witness this platform role. When it comes to Xining city characteristics and economic and social development, Wang Jianjun said, Edirne city has many similarities with Xining, Xining is the capital city of Qinghai Province, occupies an important position, is very rich in resources, national unity and harmony, bright and colorful culture, social harmony and peace, change rapidly, the development potential is huge. In 2013, Xining was named "the happiest city in china". Turkey is a beautiful country with a long history, China and Turkey is an important country in the ancient Silk Road, at present, the leaders of the two countries are working tirelessly for the revitalization of the silk road. Qinghai is the ancient Silk Road South, will become an important fulcrum of the ancient Silk Road, Xining and Edirne signed a sister city relationship, to create a great space for further deepen and expand bilateral cooperation between the two provinces, two cities, exchanges, hoping Turkey guests continue to deepen their understanding of Xining, to further promote the the cooperation between the two sides to wider areas.

Wang Yubo met with Belgian consulate in Shanghai, Nepal Patan city delegation, in a meeting with the Belgian consulate in Shanghai on behalf of Mahan, Wang Yubo said, in recent years, Xining city to carry out a wide range of friendship with other countries in the world friendship city exchanges, the Xining international friendship city which has made a great progress. At present, with the city of Xining and the establishment of international friendship and friendly relations between cities and regions have 15 pairs. Xining has made full use of the platform of international friends of the city, and has carried out exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in economy, trade, culture and tourism, and has achieved good results. He hoped that Belgium has more and deeper understanding and understanding of Xining, thus promoting the exchange and cooperation between Xining and belgium.

city leaders Zou Jiansheng, Zhang Yonghai, Zhang Qian met with Russian Izhevsk City Council Delegation, the delegation of korea.

five foreigners and foreign to the new achievements of Xining economic and social development in recent years has expressed admiration, the exhibition hopes to deepen the understanding and contact each other, also welcomed the Xining delegation to the local investigation, to further expand and deepen and Xining in economic, tourism, science and technology, culture and other fields more exchanges and cooperation.


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