Conscientiously carry out the renovation of urban environmental sanitation to fully protect the work

in order to do a good job in our city sanitation management work, to display the image of the National Health City, to support Yushu earthquake relief supplies and transport work, recently, City Administration Bureau issued a notice, arrangements for earthquake relief during the establishment of relief supplies and transport security work requirements, the city’s urban management system of cadres and workers the rapid response of the higher deployment, actively performing functions, earnestly implement the long-term management measures to do the task in place, personnel and responsibilities, to ensure the orderly and effective conduct.

is a to strengthen the earthquake relief special period under the leadership of sanitation and relief work, to set up a Council for the principal leaders of the work of the leading group of the offices and urban management departments responsible for human members, is mainly responsible for the system to support the Yushu earthquake relief supplies, raise personnel mobilization and coordination command work, coordination and supervision check the city sanitation management, comprehensive environmental remediation and relief supplies transport security work. two is to further strengthen inter sectoral collaboration, timely resolution of sensitive, hot issues, to ensure that the city clean and orderly city, rescue channel traffic flow. Focus on the train station, Bayi Road, mutual Road, Qilian Road, Kunlun Road, the avenue and the city entrance relief relief channel surrounding the comprehensive renovation, a comprehensive clean-up of Jeeves, chaos stallage, flow and sell dead garbage, resolutely ban Road market, ensure that the main street, window area, around the school an important place for the road, clean and smooth traffic. Especially the weak period and key parts to strengthen dingshou, earnestly implement the fourteen hour inspection system and night inspection system, to reflect the recent social focus on outdoor advertising (shop signs) safety, sediment transport vehicles and throwing, dumping of construction waste, kitchen waste, private pull smuggling and chaos posting, graffiti writing etc. the problem strictly enforce the law, and earnestly safeguard the city management order. three is the to do a good job of environmental sanitation integrated management operations, to maintain a regular cleaning of the main street sanitation. Strengthen the "in front of three" do not implement the responsibility of units of supervision and punishment; increase of the markets, Beijiexiaoxiang, riparian, green environmental health weak areas of supervision and inspection and rectification work, do comprehensive regulation, Huangshui River Basin pollution remediation, strengthen the living garbage dump, put an end to key business stores garbage, garbage removal after the closing of the market is not timely phenomenon, do garbage Nissan Nissin, airtight removal. All public toilets must be open to meet the needs of the masses. To do a good job dealing with strong winds, snow (rain) and other special weather preparation work, do a good job of sprinkling dust. (Editor: Guo Zhongling)


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