Many measures to control the excessive growth of medical expenses

We should take measures to strengthen the control of medical expenses in medical institutions, control the unreasonable growth of medical expenses, regulate and guide the medical behavior of medical institutions, and earnestly safeguard the health rights of the masses.

I, medical and health institutions at all levels to strengthen measures, coordination, regulate behavior, strengthen supervision, to ensure medical insurance funds and reasonable expenses, reduce the medical cost, reasonable control the growth of medical expenses. Promote the implementation of grading clinics. Strict implementation of the "notice" on further improving the system of grading treatment opinions requirements, and constantly improve the classification treatment system, to simplify the process of service, standardize the medical behavior, reduce the burden of medical costs, accelerate the formation of the first primary diagnosis, grading clinics, two-way referral medical pattern to promote medical institutions at all levels of division of labor, the rational use of medical resources, accelerate the realization of the "minor illness out of the village, a common disease serious illness County, township, acute and Difficult miscellaneous diseases not out of province" goal. Strict implementation of DRGs payment price. Medical institutions at all levels to strictly implement 125 kinds of serious illness single disease payment standard, the level of medical institutions to strictly control the per capita hospitalization costs, and strive to achieve zero growth in per capita medical expenses in 2014, three. The main control of the total medical costs, health insurance fund to pay fees, outpatient and inpatient hospitalization cost, hospitalization rate, transfer rate, patients hospitalization length, effective medical treatment behavior constraints. Medical institutions have also taken measures to strengthen the management of clinical pathway, regulate the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, and establish the regulatory mechanism of drgs.  

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