Deepening the reform of the formation of the province’s climate

Recently, the provincial Party committee, the provincial comprehensive deepening reform leading group Luo Huining chaired the provincial comprehensive deepening reform leading group of the Twelfth Meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the city (state) county is an important level of comprehensive deepening reform, undertake the responsibility of the implementation of the central and provincial reform and deployment. To promote the reform to three strict three spirit, way to solve the problem of development of reform and innovation, further deepen the reform of the formation of the coordination of the whole province under climate.Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor, deputy head of the leading group attended and delivered a speech on behalf of


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meeting of the 8 prefectures responsible comrades report on deepening reform of the overall "four clear", "Qinghai Province approved the implementation of the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee" decided to "important reforms implementation plan (20142020 years)".

Luo Huining in his speech in-depth analysis of the provinces and cities (state) county reform situation, in recognition of the achievements of the reform at the same time, pointed out the problems in four areas. He stressed that the city (state) of the county’s emphasis on reform, and promote the implementation of the situation is directly related to the process of deepening the reform of our province. Around the main responsible comrades must devote themselves to learning the general secretary Xi Jinping important discussion on the comprehensive deepening reform, the implementation of the "four comprehensive" strategic height, deep understanding and grasp comprehensively deepen reforms for the extreme importance of the development of Qinghai, to further enhance the overall awareness and sense of urgency, further strengthen the sense of reform, adhere to the problem oriented, study on the overall planning, specific things from the start, to promote the reform of the new achievements made new progress.

Luo Huining pointed out that all localities should further in accordance with the "four clear" requirements, combined with the important reform issues list of responsibilities and task ledger on the formulation of the province, clear the area of the reform tasks, and effectively clear base, Fang Xiangming. To pay attention to undertake the implementation of national and provincial deployment of reform tasks. To focus on economic reform, co-ordination to do a good job in other areas of reform, strong steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, and strive to achieve the full year development goals. To do a good job on the central and provincial reform pilot. Combined with the actual, first try to focus on solving problems, to explore the accumulation can be copied, can be extended experience. To explore the reform with local characteristics. Play the spirit of innovation and innovation of the masses, to promote top-level design and grassroots exploration benign interaction, organic integration, efforts to create local reform highlights.

Luo Huining stressed the need to strengthen the responsibility to deepen the reform of this article together to do a good job. Cities and states to strengthen the responsibility of the Party committee, the establishment of a list of tasks and tasks of the reform of the reform of the list of tasks, pay close attention to the progress of reform, to ensure the full completion of the annual task of reform. Attention should be paid to promote the reform of the work at the county level, to guide and help the county Party committee and county government to enhance awareness of reform, improve the ability to reform. To strengthen the city (state) to undertake the implementation of the task of supervision and inspection of the implementation of the reform and inspection, and earnestly grasp the reform work.

meeting, Hao Peng focused on the reform of economic and social development made a speech.

provincial Party committee;

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