A busy scene of the new rural construction goals change the concept of farmers

In February 25th (at the beginning of the month is eight), the author in the north area, Lang Cun see is a busy scene: more than 100 young villagers or a broom in hand, or with a spade is rubbish, the old people are sour mood on fitness equipment to exercise the body, dressed in New clothes to the children in knots in playing table tennis. In the office of the village committee, the village committee secretary Zhang Guomin is a businessman from Shouguang, Shandong negotiate nectarine planting project.

this year, the village in the north area of good fire and other Spring Festival cultural activities at the same time, early to play before the war for rural economic development. Into the garden village, the village bustling about, the village is also one of the busy scene, the village Party branch secretary are members of the team will study the job at hand and the village, the village committee secretary Zhang Guofu confidently told the author: "our new year to fifteen in the past, now no longer a year lazy years, to grasp the situation now, get in front of others, let the villagers to get rich as soon as possible." The author then went to the north of the city village, Yan village, and several other villages, are seeing a busy scene…… The farmers of the concept of change, after meeting the most talked about is rich, is the most developed one, the goal of new rural construction are raring to make every villager. (author Zhang Hui)


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