After the festival quickly tighten style building clockwork

for the new year and Spring Festival period of the West District Commission for Discipline Inspection thorough investigation found that individual units and regions exist lax discipline style real problems, recently, Chengxi District Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "further discipline to improve the style of the notice", requiring all departments and units to tighten the style construction started, and promote cadres quickly join their homing, wildly beating gongs and drums the work.

"notice" requirements, the region’s various departments and units, one should strengthen ideological education, strict discipline. To further raise awareness, conscientiously implement the provisions of the discipline, strengthen the cadres and workers of education and guidance, eliminate luck, promote the consciousness of staff discipline, improve the style of work; all departments and units in charge should be strict with oneself, first, earnestly fulfill a pair of responsibility to take the lead on the management of cadres, in the grasp of style change on the dare to touch, layers of implementation, layers of conductive pressure, a catch in the end; the cadres and workers to strictly implement the relevant provisions of the discipline, earnestly implement and further enhance the sense of purpose to serve the people, with excellent style of serving the people, to win the trust of the effectiveness of the work, and consciously accept supervision by the masses; all departments and units should to strengthen the study and implementation of the new "standards" of the "Regulations", further strengthen the authority of the daily management, improve the The rules and regulations, detailed measures, strict requirements, to ensure that the Every order is executed without fail. Two to strengthen the sense of responsibility, pay close attention to style building. Strict attendance management. Strict implementation of leave system and to inform the system of cadres; no tardiness, midway undergo random string Kong, vacancy. Serious work discipline. Prohibit working hours online stocks, watch videos, play games, listen to music, get together and chat with other unrelated behavior. Strict duty guard. During the holidays and the important time node on duty leader on duty, duty personnel must stick to their posts, and earnestly implement the duty requirements, to ensure 24 hours of uninterrupted contact. To regulate the behavior of cadres. It is strictly forbidden to serve cold, buck passing, forbidden to accept, to explain away; may affect the correct execution of official banquets and various recreational activities. Three to strengthen the daily supervision, discipline and ruthless. Party organizations at all levels to fulfill the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities, to strengthen the staff of the unit, the style of discipline supervision and inspection, to discover and solve the problems in the work of risk, grasp the use of "four forms", resolutely punish omission, do not play and disorderly conduct, Zhuazao grasping small catch signs and to solve the problem in the bud, discipline violation of regions, departments and units directly accountable to the first responsible person, to highlight the problems of typical cases, in the region within the scope of reporting, and will be severely dealt with according to discipline related parties and the main leaders, will not be tolerated.

reporter Xiao Fang


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