2015 Guangfo Zhao Xining tourism promotion will be held in the tourism cooperation

In September 23rd, the "colorful south of the Five Ridges Guang Zhao, really taste" – 2015 Foshan (Xining) tourism promotion conference held in Xining summer. From Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, three city tourism department responsible person to the Xining travel agencies and the media introduced the excellent tourism resources and tourism routes of the three. At the meeting, a large number of travel agencies in charge of the Provincial Tourism Bureau official dialogue with the three Municipal Tourism Bureau, to discuss cooperation between Guangdong and Guangdong Tourism plan.

colorful Guang Zhao, south of the Five Ridges really taste.

three Foshan City Tourism Promotion Group relevant person in charge of the south of the Five Ridges scenery.

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