Xining Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special inspections of food safety so that people eat

in order to ensure food safety during the new year and Spring Festival, from the 22 day this month, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of law enforcement officers to carry out special inspections for a period of two months for all food production and processing enterprises in the provincial capital.

in December 24th, following the Xining municipal quality supervision departments have to dairy products, edible oil, beverages, wine and other food production and processing enterprises to check. The focus of the inspection of the manufacturer’s process, operating norms, facilities and equipment, cable card registration, sales ledger and health facilities.

in biological xiaoxiniu Dairy Co., law enforcement personnel, in addition to the production of dairy products packaging workshop inspection related to operating personnel, also a detailed understanding of the dairy products in the production process there is no use of additives, the use of milk from dairy products, shelf life. After listening to the staff to explain, law enforcement officers to check the company’s corporate standards, inspection standards. In the Qinghai Wine Co. Ltd., Tanggula jiangheorigin agriculture and animal husbandry science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., Xining Love Food Co., law enforcement personnel according to the characteristics of different foods, the production environment, the preservation of the environment, the operating personnel of food hygiene were carefully examined and suggestions.

according to the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau staff introduction, the day of the examination is just a part of the food safety special inspection activities, they will continue to check the food production and processing enterprises in the province, not focus on the production process strictly control the production and operation does not meet the requirements of enterprises, will be ordered to suspend business for rectification, to protect people’s health safety.


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